Karoo Ashevak

Inuit (1940 - 1974)

Karoo Ashevak was an Inuit artist.
Based on ArtValue.ca records, Karoo Ashevak's estimated art value is C$50,000 (*)

Karoo Ashevak's work could be available for sale at public auction with prices in the range of C$25,000 - C$100,000, or even much higher.

From ArtValue.ca records, the highest price paid at auction for a whale bone sculpture work attributed to Karoo Ashevak (1940-1974) was C$70,800 - paid for "Shaman Removing a Spirit" at Walker's in Ottawa on Wed, May 25, 2016.
ArtValue.ca has 51 auction art sale records for their whale bone sculpture results, with prices in the range of C$25,000 to C$100,000.

Waddington's Auction House Biography and Notes

Karoo Ashevak is perhaps the most internationally recognized Canadian Inuit sculptor. Very few works prior to 1970 have been discovered, his main body of work was created during four short years before his untimely death in 1974. His work brought him great joy, Karoo’s sister, Eeteemunga remembered “seeing him working on huge pieces. He was always so full of joy as he worked away on a new piece. He was also so proud of himself. He would pause and study a piece that he was working on... thinking or meditating. Sometimes he would put it aside...and glance at it from a distance... When he finished he would be pouring with sweat and looking joyful and exuberant!”

(*) Value is calculated as an average of the top whale bone sculpture sale records from ArtValue.ca database.
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