Eddy Cobiness

Canadian (1933 - 1996)

Eddy Cobiness was a Canadian painter.
Based on ArtValue.ca records, Eddy Cobiness's estimated art value is C$4,000 (*)

Eddy Cobiness's work could be available for sale at public auction with prices in the range of C$1,000 - C$10,000, or even much higher.

From ArtValue.ca records, the highest price paid at auction for an acrylic painting work attributed to Eddy Cobiness (1933-1996) was C$6,000 - paid for "Hoop Dancers, 1975" at Waddington's in Toronto on Thu, Jun 9, 2022.
ArtValue.ca has 68 auction art sale records for their acrylic painting results, with prices in the range of C$1,000 to C$10,000.

Saskatchewan NAC Auction House Biography and Notes

Eddy Cobiness was an Ojibwe-Native Canadian and his art work is characterized by scenes from the life outdoors and nature. He began with realistic scenes and then evolved into more abstract work, influenced by his colleague at the time, painter Benjamin Chee Chee. He belonged to the "Woodland School of Art" and was a prominent member of the "Professional Native Indian Artists Incorporation", better known as the "Indian Group of Seven". Cobiness began drawing pictures of birds in sand, snow or on cardboard, in his childhood. In the 1950s, during his military service years, he discovered working in watercolour. In the 1960s his ink and watercolour drawings were commercially successful, and he began his art career. For Cobiness, the life outdoors and nature always was subject of his works. He further developed his work unimpeded and worked with several styles, using many media. It would bring him international recognition. Cobiness died in Winnipeg Manitoba on January 1, 1996.

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