Doris Lindner

British (1896 - 1979)
Doris Lindner was a British sculptor.
From records, the highest price paid at auction for a bronze sculpture work attributed to Doris Lindner (1896-1979) was C$448 - paid for "Rolling Dachshund" at Saskatchewan NAC in Regina on Sun, Sep 24, 2023. has one auction art sale record for their bronze sculpture results, with prices in the range of C$250 to C$500.

Doris Lindner was born in 1896 Wales, and spent her childhood in Winchester, England. She studied with William Frank Calderon at his school of animal painting in London, and then at Saint Martin's School of Art (London) before completing her studies at the British School in Rome. Lindner was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy in London, and with the Royal Society of British Sculptors. She was also part of the London Group and the Royal Society of British Artists. Lindner specialized in depicting birds and animals in stone, plaster and bronze and concrete. Many were reproduced in porcelain by Royal Worcester. In 1953 she also created an equestrian statuette in bronze of Princess Elizabeth which was reproduced in a porcelain limited edition by Royal Worcester and also as a life-size model which was displayed in Selfridges in London as part of the store's Coronation celebrations. Doris Lindner died at Maidstone, England in 1979.

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