Donna Berryhill

American (1931 - 1997)
Donna Berryhill was an American artist.
From records, the highest price paid at auction for an engraving work attributed to Donna Berryhill (1931-1997) was C$165 - paid for "Santa Fe Woman" at Saskatchewan NAC in Regina on Sun, Jun 4, 2023. has 2 auction art sale records for their engraving results, with prices in the range of C$50 to C$250.

Saskatchewan NAC Auction House Biography and Notes

Donna Berryhill lived and worked in Oklahoma. She has written: "What happens on the canvas must be truth - an expression of my feelings at that moment for that particular painting and of my own individuality in expressing those feelings. Whether I'm painting inanimate objects or figures and faces in an elusive manner or in detail, I hope for certain strong qualities to be apparent - qualities such as strength of beauty, character, integrity, sensitivity, and serenity."

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