Derek C. Wicks

Canadian (1969)
Derek C. Wicks is a Canadian artist.
From records, the highest price paid at auction for a paper drawing work attributed to Derek C. Wicks (1969) was C$7,500 - paid for "Concept Drawing—Centre Bouquet Final Drawing, The Ultimate Diamond Design / Étude de concept—Dessin final du bouquet central, Motif diamantaire, pièce Summum" at Heffel in Vancouver on Tue, May 31, 2022. has 4 auction art sale records for their paper drawing results, with prices in the range of C$1,000 to C$10,000.

Toronto-born Derek C. Wicks is an esteemed wildlife artist and coin designer. His work has appeared in publications such as Masters of Wildlife Art and has twice earned him the honour of the National Artist of the Year award from Ducks Unlimited. His previous work for the Royal Canadian Mint has included the Rio Olympic Games commemorative $1 coin and the 70th anniversary commemorative coin honouring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Lots 89 through 92 are concept drawings for The Ultimate designed by Wicks. Commenting about the coin design, Wicks notes: "The challenge was to create an interesting concept that incorporated a design element with the feel of organic flow. To create a unity between the “graphic” design elements and the organic elements I used repetitive shape. By using both solid blossoms surrounding the branches and then realistic blossoms in the centre, I was able to create unity between the two elements. Negative space played just as an important element in this design. The negative shapes created play an important role in composition, as the change in texture from very “rugged” to very smooth surfaces keeps the viewer moving from shape to shape, creating movement and a sense of “falling” in the composition. Finally, the symmetry of this piece is one of balance through asymmetric and symmetrical placement. The anchor of the main cluster is very symmetrical in its positioning, giving a more “graphic” feel. By placing the asymmetric pattern of blossoms surrounding the main cluster, the design gained an organic or natural feel. Combined with the visual weight of the negative spaces, the coin gained a “controlled chaos” flow to it." All bids are subject to our Special Terms of Sale for Bidders and the Buyer, which amend the Terms and Conditions of Business referenced below. Prior to registering to bid in The Ultimate Live Auction, please review the: Special Terms of Sale for Bidders and the Buyer The Royal Canadian Mint Privacy Notice Terms and Conditions of Business The Ultimate Live Auction Bid Forms Absentee Bid Form Telephone Bid Form Irrevocable Bid Form Digital Saleroom Registration Form

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