Andrew Owen

Andrew Owen is an artist.
From records, the highest price paid at auction for an art work attributed to Andrew Owen was C$ - paid for "Autumn To Winter Excavation (Maple Leaf & Bamboo, Canada And China, Westside & Eastside, Sheila & I)" at Waddington's in Toronto on Tue, Mar 4, 2014. has 2 auction art sale records for their art results, with prices in the range of C$5,000 to C$10,000.

Autumn to Winter Excavation is from Andrew Owen A01's ongoing “Excavations” series produced and exhibited in India, Korea, Vancouver and Toronto dating back to the mid-80s. The bamboo and maple leaves are created by cutting and excavating into the many layers of found advertising posters built-up over many years. The underlying strata of images and information are carefully revealed through a meticulous and time-consuming process akin to archaeological excavation that exposes the stratification of time: the deeper the excavation the further back in time. For Autumn to Winter Excavation, the panel of layered posters was "harvested" from the urban surface close to his studio in Gastown, near Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside, yet the images of bamboo and maple leaves were impressed with flora near his home in upscale Point Grey. The work presents transitional states: autumn/winter, urban/natural, ephemeral/valuable, forgotten/timeless, east/west, Chinese/Canadian.

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