André Philippe Côté


André Philippe Côté is a Canadian painter.
Based on records, André Philippe Côté's estimated art value is C$2,000 (*)

André Philippe Côté's work could be available for sale through Art Galleries or at public auction with prices in the range of C$500 - C$5,000, or even much higher.

From records, the highest price paid at auction for an acrylic painting work attributed to André Philippe Côté was C$4,200 - paid for "Les oiseaux du paradis, 2021" at BYDealers in Montréal on Tue, Feb 8, 2022. has 14 auction art sale records for their acrylic painting results, with prices in the range of C$500 to C$5,000.
(*) Value is calculated as an average of the top acrylic painting sale records from database.
This information is not intended to substitute professional advice.
To estimate the value of a specific artwork created by André Philippe Côté, follow some of the advice from our Valuating art page, or contact an art specialist if our automated estimate value is greater than C$2,500.